Five-way title battle

  • If Alonso wins in Brazil, he will be champion unless Webber is higher than fourth
  • If Alonso is second, he will be champion unless Webber is higher than eighth, Hamilton higher than fourth or Vettel wins
  • If Alonso is third, he will be champion unless Webber finishes in the top 10, Hamilton in the top four and Vettel in the top three
  • If Alonso does not finish on the podium, it will go to Abu Dhabi
  • Button can only stay in contention if he finishes first or second but is out if Alonso finishes in the top six or if Webber is in the top two
  • Vettel must beat Alonso on track to stay in contention
1 ALONSO 231pts
2 WEBBER 220pts
3 HAMILTON 210pts
4 VETTEL 206pts
5 BUTTON 189pts
Source: BBC

Pit stop evolution




2009 season – very early predictions

The 2009 Formula 1 season is expected to usher in a new era to the sport fans.  New technical rules and regulation with changing aerodynamics are the biggest changes in car design since the late 1990s.  The new KERS system, re-introduction of slick tyres will be other changes to the cars. The changes are aimed to provide more overtaking during races which many fans and critics were complaining for so many seasons.


F1 is all about success cycles. The new changes are going to bring afore-said changes which will be drastic and it is very hard to predict clear winners. Much will also be dependent upon engines, the front where Ferrari and Mclaren are clearly ahead from rest of the grid.

Ferrari need to prove that they can withstand such changes having lost many personnel in recent years who build such an invincible era i.e Jean Todt, Ross Braun and Michael Schumacher. Stefano Domenicalli is very new to such an important role in motorsport and has made crucial mistakes. But F1

McLaren have proved they are able to adapt and innovate year after year.  Ron Dennis and Martin Whitmarsh are the best people in the best jobs. McLaren look to have the components for another strong car next year.  The biggest question mark surrounding the McLaren is the testing.  There are different types of drivers, some racers, some great developers and some both.  Lewis Hamilton has already proven he is a great racer and great for the future of motorsport.

Renault have in Fernando Alonso one of those drivers that can develop a car. Renault will be a strong team for 2009 provided they can find some way to increase the power of their engine. Much will also be dependent on Nelson Piquet Jr. Now he will be in his second year with Renault and he should repay the faith Briatore has in him.

Toyota have improved in 2008 and same is expected next year.  Timo Glock and Jarno Trulli are sufficienty consistent but now they too have to up the plate if the huge investments of Toyota need to be re-payed.

Red Bull are expected to step up the plate next year.  With Adrian Newey and Geoff Willis Red Bull have a proven partnership as the best aerodynamics in the business. With recent buy-back of Toro Rosso much is expected of Red Bull to find a possible way to move to next gear. They have in Sebastian Vettel the brightest young driver and possibly future WDC.  Webber is full of experience to assist in development with Coulthard providing test driver. They are lagging behind in engine power with the Renault engines. But they have an option to shift to Ferrari engines as Force India have ended the engine deal with Ferrari.

With hugely disappointing 2008 Honda ended the car development quite early and focussed on 2009. So, this year we can see a Honda F1 car fighting higher in the field. But with both drivers yet to be confirmed for the next season the question is whether they get enough experience behind the steering wheels to challenge at the top consistently.

There is not a lot of news of how Williams are trying to cope up with tremendous failure of a season. I don’t see they enlightening the field much next year. But Frank Williams can give us a surprise which we would like to see!

With Toro Rosso searching for new drivers and Force India changing engine partners to Mclaren Mercedes they are also trying hard to run the fast pace set by teams.

Its pretty early but a highly interesting season lies ahead!!

Singapore GP – McLaren’s preparation for the night race

I was going through some websites and found an interesting article on which highlighted the program of McLaren to prepare for the Singapore GP. Hamilton told that they will be following a schedule so as not to acclimatise to the local time of Singapore. They will be training as per European time to ensure that the peak performances come at sessions which are late during the race.“Apparently not acclimatising is much harder than adapting, because your body naturally wants to change”, “The meal, waking and sleeping rhythms will all be in European time, for example we will get up early afternoon for breakfast, have supper at 1am and go to bed at around 3am

Pretty interesting!

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