Sebastian Vettel F1 World Champion 2010

Vettel is world champion


Mark Webber crash at European GP

Mark Webber crashed his Red Bull RB6 at the back of Heikki Kovalainen’s Lotus and landed upside down. Webber felt Kovalainen’s defence of his position was pointless against a car that was so much faster.


“I’m happy. I was just having a shower and thinking, ‘Mate, you’re lucky to be in one piece.’ “It was a nasty incident. I was surprised by what happened. I’m a little bit tender here and there but the car did a great job.” said Webber

New teams are too slow with respect to established powerhouses like Red Bull, Mclaren, Ferrari and Renault. Teams have been critical of their slow paces with Ferrari most vocal of the lot.

Post Spanish GP comment: Reliability might hurt Red Bull run

Red Bull  RB6 again proved on Saturday that it is far ahead of rest of the field in terms of pace.  It captured front row of the grid with more than 0.8 seconds margin. But once again reliability came in way of a 1-2 finish. Sebastian Vettel suffered had his third reliability issue in five races.

Questions are raised whether driving style of Vettel is leading to the reliability issues.

In general, a driver is only labelled aggressive if he is famed for daring-do. But Vettel is a aggressive driver in a different way. His aggression is transmitted over kerbs, through chicanes and under braking. Is it a coincidence, therefore, that his car has broken down, relatively speaking, so frequently? – PF1

A spark plug failure caused Red Bull a win in Bahrain while a wheel problem robbed it of win in Australia.

Questions need to be addressed in Red Bull camp on real cause of the issue. Though, Christian Horner is not perturbed. He says that Red Bull is no worse than other teams when it comes to reliability and cited Lewis Hamilton as an example (Hamilton’s car suffered a tyre puncture in the race)

“Ultimately we have got two cars on the podium and were just three points off a maximum score. So I think the team managed the issue with the brakes very well.”

Dwelling on a smooth sailing victory for Mark Webber might not be a correct strategy for Red Bull, solving its own problem might be…

New Red Bull RB5


Red Bull Racing have unveiled latest challenger for 2009 season, RB5.  The team have new hopes of winning the races with the talent of young Sebastian Vettel and experience of Mark Webber (who’s is recuperating his injury) and the power of Renault engine which are due a power-lift after the new regulations. The car is designed by Adrian Newey.

“2009 will also see us benefit from greater stability in terms of how we run the operation, with all our key players in the technical group having been with us for at least two years,” said Christian Horner. “We should not forget they designed a car that won a grand prix in 2008, in the hands of Sebastian Vettel and Scuderia Toro Rosso.

As RB5 is coming a long time after its major competitors it looks more complete,Technical Analysis (Autosport).


Sebastian Vettel explains the new Red Bull RB5

Video gallery

Dietrich Mateschitz owns two F1 teams again – Red Bull and Toro Rosso!

Red Bull has bought back the 50 per cent stake in the Toro Rosso Formula One team owned by Gerhard Berger. Now Dietrich Mateschitz owns two F1 teams (how cool?)

gerhard_berger_dietrich_mateschitzDietrich Mateschitz:

“I am very grateful to Gerhard for his huge input. Together we turned Toro Rosso into a team that qualified on a regular basis in the top 10 and collected world championship points.”

Gerhard Berger:

“A 100% financing of a joint project by one partner can only make sense, to my mind, at an initial stage. This stage is over now. That’s why Red Bull will take over the shares again.”

What will Red Bull do with two F1 teams? One is that Gerhard Berger would alone not have been able to develop chassis for Toro Rosso that is required from 2010 season. Red Bull has the resources to do it. reports that the company can afford to spend more than $1bn a year on its marketing programmes. Also, it is rumoured that Toro Rosso are looking for drivers that can bring huge amount of sponsors with them. This was confirmed in recent weeks by Sebastian Bourdais whose seat is on the line after a miserable debut season with Toro Rosso. This might leads to Bruno Senna or Takuma Sato for F1 seat in Toro Rosso. Buemi is tipped for the other driver seat of Toro Rosso. Sato though will not bring a lot of sponsors but will definitely drive Red Bull brand in Japan, the country where Red Bull is struggling to generate enough customer base.


Some mention that Red Bull after being outperformed by Toro Rosso in 2008 are looking towards benefits from Toro Rosso’s team of developers. A deal with Ferrari for engines can also be on the cards!!

But only time will tell what is in store for Toro Rosso and Red Bull Racing after this development.

Champions of WRC and MotoGP test F1 cars

5 times winner of WRC, Sebastian Loeb and 6 times winner of MotoGP, Valentino Rossi last week tested Red Bull and Ferrari respectively.

Loeb’s test was a present from Red Bull to celebrate his fifth rally title. He was eighth quickest of 17 runners.  He has been hailed fast enough for Formula One by the Red Bull Racing team. Team guesses that he is running somewhere in the midfield, which is mighty impressive. But will Loeb ever drive in F1? No says Loeb.

“Maybe I am too old,” he told Autosport. “If I was going to do that, it’s something that I should have thought about doing a few years ago. This only came about because it was an opportunity offered to me by Red Bull.


Meanwhile, Valentino clocked 1min 22.5 sec in Mugello circuit. Ferrari’s current race drivers Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen have posted laps in the 1min 21s with a similar configuration to the F2008 machine. Rossi says he can be a good F1 driver.

“With a lot of work I could have become a good F1 driver. It is hard to say if I would have become a winner or not, but the potential was there,” he told reporters, in the company of Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali.

Pictures of Rossi


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