Sebastian Vettel F1 World Champion 2010

Vettel is world champion


3 key moments of 2010 season

Red Bulls cars crash in Turkey – In a very bizarre incident the two Red Bulls cars crashed during Turkish GP. Vettel went to overtake as he believed that he was faster of the two cars. But the end effect didn’t suit any of the Red Bull teammate.

Ferrari team orders at German GP – Massa pulled over towards the end of the race to let Alonso past. However the stewards imposed a fine of  $100,000 on the Ferrari team.

Red Bulls’ reliability – Vettel could have wrapped up the WDC a few races ago had he had greater reliability. The car picked up 14 poles and 8 wins in the season but still suffered with reliability issues.


Mark Webber crash at European GP

Mark Webber crashed his Red Bull RB6 at the back of Heikki Kovalainen’s Lotus and landed upside down. Webber felt Kovalainen’s defence of his position was pointless against a car that was so much faster.


“I’m happy. I was just having a shower and thinking, ‘Mate, you’re lucky to be in one piece.’ “It was a nasty incident. I was surprised by what happened. I’m a little bit tender here and there but the car did a great job.” said Webber

New teams are too slow with respect to established powerhouses like Red Bull, Mclaren, Ferrari and Renault. Teams have been critical of their slow paces with Ferrari most vocal of the lot.

Looking Back: 1978 Canadian GP

Gilles Villeneuve’s first Grand Prix win and that too in front of 100,000 home supporters.

What a moment for the great man!

Monaco GP – Q1 can be a mess and other news

Fears over possible Monaco gridlock grow – PF1

The teams and the drivers are concerned over Q1 in Monaco and have asked FIA to split the 20 minute session.

FIA tweaks Monaco’s chicane kerbs – Autosport

The move is aimed at stopping drivers from cutting through them at high speed.

Ferrari not using F-duct in Monaco – F1fanatic

The teams says there is little benefit to be had from running it around the slow, twisty Monte-Carlo circuit

Red Bull warns rivals over Monaco pace – Autosport

Driving with optimum downforce will be key for other teams. In Monaco we will have supersoft and medium again – can Ferrari pull a win here?

Ferrari launches 2010 F1 car

Ferrari unveiled F10, their 2010 title challenger, today at Maranello.

The major points made by Luca di Montezemolo are:

  • F1 should be a test base for state-of-the-art technology, where  innovations are developed to go into cars
  • F1 needs credibility between executives and judicial forces
  • Schumacher wouldn’t be with Mercedes if Ferrari was allowed 3rd car
  • A possibility for Valentino Rossi exists if he wishes to race in F1

Chief designer Nikolas Tombazis added that F10 is totally revised compared to the previous one, F60

Team’s engine chief Luca Marmorini is confident that team has made progress on both fuel consumption and engine reliability issues for new season by effectively using its partnership with Shell

A record three million people logged on to watch the Ferrari launch!!

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Kimi, get a drive!

I still cannot believe that Kimi won’t be starting in any race next year or maybe forever.

But is this too early to look at a fine career of Kimi? When i look at Kimi’s career and think of his finest moments pop up in my head. These moments include Suzuka in 2005 where Kimi won the race after starting from 17th place and overtaking race leader Fisichella on the final lap,  his exploits at Spa circuit – the circuit which separates men from boys, Brazil in 2007 where he won WDC, or performances throughout second half of 2009 season in a slow Ferrari car

I even silently pray that he gets a drive with a competitive car like Mercedes.  It would be good for Kimi fans like me and for F1 in general.

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