Jenson Button: A deserving champion

Jenson Button has entered into the history books by clinching 2009 WDC with a race to go. He now has an 15-point Push the Buttonadvantage going into the season’s final race in Abu Dhabi on 1 November.

Much has been written about him not being a deserving champion. I feel that all that talk was trash and Jenson Button is indeed a deserving champion. Jenson winning 2009 WDC is a reward to his loyalty and patience. He spend 2 years before 2009 in an uncompetitive car and just before the start of the season had an uncertainty of even driving a F1 car. Honda announced departure from the sport and only last minute efforts by Ross Brawn and Nick Fry could manage the existence of Brawn GP team. Jenson has to even take 40% pay cut to keep on driving a car. After such uncertainty, if a driver wins a WDC its is down to his sheer hard work and the team.

Jenson has more victories under his belt than any other drivers in 2009 season.  He has also collected points to build on his championship lead when his rivals were not able to do so. Vettel might have been closer if he hadn’t made mistakes in a few races. Barrichello might have been closer if his pace hadn’t been mediocre in a few races. But Jenson did what champions do i.e. collect sufficient points to clinch the title.

Every car has its strengths and weaknesses. Jenson maximised his points tally by taking the full advantage of strengths and even taking points during the points of weaknesses.

On the point of Hamilton, Raikkonen, and Alonso not being in competitive cars until late in the season… so what? There really isn’t that big of a gap among the drivers; most knowledgeable people in F1- drivers, engineers, etc.- say that the gap from the best driver to the worst driver in terms of raw quickness, all else being equal, is about three tenths of a second. That’s not really a huge gap.

Last but not the least, his title clinching drive at Interlagos where he started at 14th position and finished 5th should dismiss any doubts over his ability.

Congratulations to Jenson Button from Fastformula contributors and readers.

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    Robin Chhabra

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