Outcome of Renault crashgate

Flavio Briatore’s website quotes him “Formula One is not just about sport and technology. What attracts people is the glamour, the lifestyle, the drama.

The drama which Flavio Briatore conceived along with Pat Symonds will now haunt both of these men for life. The hearing in Paris took just 90 minutes. Flavio Briatore has been banned indefinitely from all FIA-sanctioned motorsport.  Also, FIA says that it will not renew any Superlicence granted to any driver who is associated (through a management contract or otherwise) with Briatore, or any entity or individual associated with Briatore. In the history books written henceforth, Flavio will always be remembered for 2008 Singapore GP and no one will be praising for his various accomplishments.

Flavio Briatore earlier had to step down as Renault team boss in a bid to save the team from a harsh punishment. Renault are given a mild punishment, basically a slap on the wrist. So, now you are allowed to cheat in F1 if you sack someone afterwards! Compare that to Mclaren’s punishment 2 years ago of $100 m and this outcome looks like a joke. Now all teams know how to act before FIA. Be honest and they will be let off with any misdeed they do. As long as you are important to F1, you can risk lives to cheat and keep your points and your prize money.

Also, Nelson Piquet Jr. is let off for nothing as he was protected by immunity from FIA. But is this right? No driver is under so much pressure that he will risk his life along with stewards and spectators.

To me this whole crashgate episode seemed like a battle between Max Mosley and Flavio Briatore in which former came out with all guns blazing and latter is made to bite the dust. What this episode has done is to create a doubt in my mind whether i support a right sport; the only positive thought coming is near end Max Mosley’s tenure of  as president of FIA and a potential dawn of new era.


  1. The whole affair stinks, but the suspended ‘ban’ imposed on Renault smells so bad it makes my eyes water

  2. Personally I am gald he is gone, we don’t need people like him in sport. http://wp.me/pCIZY-E

  3. glad that he is gone – but yea letting off Piquet is not going down my throat

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