Looking Back: Nigel Mansell’s win at 1994 Australian GP

This video is in wake of Michael Schumacher’s return to the sport

Nigel Mansell returned to F1 with Williams for last 3 races of the season after Aryton Senna’s death. The last race of the season was in Australia and the battle for WDC was between Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher. But Mansell out-qualified the two title contenders. The two contenders passes him at the start but later collided with each other handing the lead to Mansell for his final grand prix win.


Schumacher returns!

Michael-SchumacherMichael Schumacher is back with Ferrari as long as Felipe Massa is getting recuperated. The seven-time world champion retired at the end of 2006 but now at the age of 40 will try to sneak out a few more victories in this current stint.

Hello there, can you believe it?

“For team loyalty reasons I can’t ignore this unfortunate situation,” said Michael Schumacher.

Now who will Ferrari choose as their no. 1 driver? Can he add to his record 91 victories?

Lets wait for some time to get the answers.

Last lap of Schumi in Ferrari (the video will get updated soon 😛 )

PS: I am very excited to see Lewis Hamilton locking horns with the one and only ……….

BMW’s reasons to quit (Speculative links)

Poor performance, not politics, is the reason for BMW’s withdrawal- Guardian

The fact is that BMW-Sauber have performed abysmally – the worst of the motor manufacturers – in a year when they had publicly declared an intention to fight for the championship. The cost of competing (and failing) provides a handy excuse for throwing in their hand.

Why has BMW quit Formula 1? – Joe Saward’s blog

In F1 where the thinking is always short-termist, they will think it was about the bad year that BMW is having, but that is not how a big manufacturer thinks. Thus one needs to analyse whether it was because the image of F1 is not something with which BMW wishes to be associated. One might ask whether there was any influence on the decision resulting from Max Mosley’s spanking scandal, or Bernie Ecclestone’s recent remarks about Adolf Hitler.

BMW pulls out, but team should survive – James Allen on F1

That was not the decision of a racer, rather of a corporate entity too focussed on ‘targets’ and now with the results frankly embarrassing, they have pulled the plug.

BMW say goodbye to F1

BMW has announced it’s decision to quit Formula 1 at the end of current season. The team was formed at the end of 2005 as a result of a takeover of Sauber team after their partnership with Williams.

Dr. Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the BMW board, said that the decision was made after a refining of the company’s future strategy.

“Of course, this was a difficult decision for us. But it’s a resolute step in view of our company’s strategic realignment,”

“Premium will increasingly be defined in terms of sustainability and environmental compatibility. This is an area in which we want to remain in the lead. In line with our Strategy Number ONE, we are continually reviewing all projects and initiatives to check them for future viability and sustainability. Our Formula 1 campaign is thus less a key promoter for us.”

“Mario Theissen has been in charge of our motor sports program since 1999. We have scored a large number of successes in this period, including some in Formula 1 racing. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mario Theissen and his team for this.”

The decision is in wake of poor form on track after 3 previous promising years. BMW has been a major player in FOTA and its withdrawal from F1 would be a strange move at the moment when the Concorde agreement appears to arrive. Resources freed up as a result are to be dedicated to the development of new drive technologies and projects in the field of sustainability but nothing is conclusive on future of Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld.

Felipe Massa: Get well soon!

This is a video for all Fastformula readers and Felipe Massa fans wishing him speedy recovery.

A message on Ferrari site on his condition:

“His condition is improving quickly and constantly. He is more and more awake and reactive,” Dino Altman, his personal doctor, said. “He spoke to several people today, using three different languages, replying always in a coherent way. He’s also progressing with his physiotherapy very well. He opened his left eye and confirmed that he can see with it. As far as the near future is concerned we have to be cautious, but I have to say that also today there are very positive signs.”

Forza Massa!

Hamilton rides home a win

Lewis Hamilton of Mclaren Mercedes won Hungarian GP ahead of second placed Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari and third place Mark Webber of Red Bull Racing.

Hamilton got to a strong start using his KERS to get ahead of Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel.  Mark Webber though passed him again but Hamilton regained the position later. Hamilton took the race lead at lap 13 after front right tight came off Fernando Alonso’s car after latter’s pitstop. Renault have been suspended from next GP at Valencia because of the incident. Hamilton then never lost the race lead. The win is an effort of all the team and hats off to team Mclaren for proving once again that class is permanent and form is only temporary.

Raikkonen had an equally good start but was investigated for the event surrounding his contact with Vettel at the start. He pushed his KERS enough to get ahead of Vettel after turn 1. But Vettel had to retire soon after damaging his suspension!

Jenson Button finished seventh and blamed tyre issues for the late foes in the championship. Button is still 18.5 points ahead of Webber in WDC.

Massa update

Links updating Massa’s situation 1248573926

Official Ferrari site (update)

“After undergoing an operation yesterday afternoon, Felipe Massa’s condition remains stable and there were no further complications through the night. He will be given another CT scan today, which will provide more precise information.”

Official Ferrari site

“Felipe Massa has undergone surgery this afternoon at the AEK hospital in Budapest and the outcome of the procedure was positive”

James Allen blog

“An inaccurate report from AP this evening suggested that his condition was life threatening but this is not the case. The operation was successful and he is likely to be woken tomorrow.”

“Medical estimates of how long he will be out of action vary from two months, to longer. It has been suggested by one doctor here that he may miss the rest of the season. More will be known when the medically induced coma ends and the medics can assess the amount of bruising to the front of the brain.”

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