End of Mosley?

Mosley with long hairMr Mosley and Mr Ecclestone’s authority has collapsed, I beleive, after last day’s outcomes. Threatened by the breakaway threat by FOTA member teams and their efforts to put a more credible series where governance is transparent and everyone has respect for each other.

Max Mosley ways of mudslinging, branding team bosses “loonies”, being deaf to the teams who invest millions in the sport was a step too far after all the defamation he bought to the sport after last year’s sex-scandal.

We saw in last few months multiple rule changes when the sport all needed stability in such hard economic times. Introduction of KERS is an expensive flop. After 7 rounds of championship only Ferrari are using it!

Yesterday, Mosley agreed to step down immediately, his decision to impose a £40m spending cap on teams participating in the championship was scrapped and the teams won a formal role in the governance of the sport. Its an awesome news for everyone involved with the sport.

“To us, three things were most important; that F1 stay F1 and not become F3, that there is no dictator, but that there was a choice of rules, agreed and not imposed; and that whoever had a team was consulted and had a voice. Mosley has announced that in October he will stand down, with an irrevocale decision, and that from now on he won’t get involved in F1.” said Montezemolo yesterday clearly berating Mosley’s way of working

Its an end of a madman. This is a good time for Formula 1. This is a victory for fans. Nobody will shed a tear for Mosley and i guess nobody!

Tatty bye to Mosley.

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