Can’t stand the constant bickering in F1?

These days are turn-off. One day we see a statement from FOTA, other day we see another venom spit by Max Mosley PeaceNotWar3-whiteand so it continues.  A beautiful sport is dragged to mud fight because of a man’s ego with almost every F1 fan i recently talked to supports FOTA in the current crisis!

What is FOTA asking? Is it too difficult to be granted? No, I think the answer is no. It is because of these teams that we watch F1. Ferrari are the one I support but i like great rivals like Mclaren, Renault and now Brawn GP along with passionate teams of Dietrich Mateschitz. I like teams illustrious history. But will these teams will be there next year in F1, I do not know.

These days are turn-off. Whenever i open or there is a new news from teams, FOTA members, Max Mosley……… which wants me to close the  window without reading full news but i still read it.

We, the fans, want this war to be over for the good of the sport. We, the fans, want Max Mosley to be thrown out of FIA asap. We, the fans, want good governance from FIA. The list goes on which is being said on every fan forum, every other site.

Still looking forward to British GP on Sunday 🙂

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