Looking Back: Villeneuve & Armoux battle in 1979 French Grand Prix

Legendary battle between Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux in 1979 French Grand Prix.

This is what motor racing is all about!

The 1979 French Grand Prix is remembered for Villeneuve’s wheel-banging duel with René Arnoux in the last laps of the race. Arnoux passed Villeneuve for second place with three laps to go, but Villeneuve re-passed him on the next lap. On the final lap Arnoux attempted to pass Villeneuve again, and the pair ran side-by-side through the first few corners of the lap, making contact several times. Arnoux took the position but Villeneuve attempted an outside pass one corner later. The cars bumped hard, Villeneuve slid wide but then passed Arnoux on the inside at a hairpin turn and held him off for the last half of the lap to secure second place. Villeneuve commented afterwards, “I tell you, that was really fun! I thought for sure we were going to get on our heads, you know, because when you start interlocking wheels it’s very easy for one car to climb over another. Source: Wikipedia


Can Mosley still bite?

Everyone for the last few days are calling Mosley a sore loser after the FOTA-FIA agreement. Which i feel he is. But the man himself is still deluded.

Mosley wrote a letter to Luca di Montezemolo which was leaked in the press.

Dear Luca,

We made a deal yesterday in Paris to end the recent difficulties in Formula One. A fundamental part of this was that we would both present a positive and truthful account to the media. I was therefore astonished to learn that FOTA had been briefing the press that Mr Boeri had taken charge of Formula One, something which you know is completely untrue; that I have been forced out of office, also false; and, apparently, that I would have no role in the FIA after October, something which is plain nonsense, if only because of the FIA statutes.

Furthermore, you have suggested to the media that I was a “dictator”, an accusation which is grossly insulting to the 26 members of the World Motor Sports Council who have discussed and voted all the rules and procedures of Formula One since the 1980s, not to mention the representatives of the FIA’s 122 countries who have democratically endorsed everything Iand my World Motor Sport Council colleagues have done during the last 18 years.

If you wish the agreement we made to have any chance of survival, you and FOTA must immediately rectify your actions. You must correct the false statements which have been made and make no further such statements. You yourself must issue a suitable correction and apology at your press conference this afternoon.

Formula One is run entirely by our 5-strong team without any help from me or any other outsider. There was no need for me to involve myself further in Formula One once we had a settlement. Equally, I had a long-standing plan not to seek re-election in October. It was therefore possible for me to confirm both points to you yesterday.

However, given your and FOTA’s deliberate attempt to mislead the media, I now consider my options open. At least until October, I am president of the FIA with the full authority of that office. After that it is the FIA members clubs, not you or FOTA, who will decide on the future leadership of the FIA.

Yours sincerely,

Max Mosley

Looney Mosley will never get corrected.

End of Mosley?

Mosley with long hairMr Mosley and Mr Ecclestone’s authority has collapsed, I beleive, after last day’s outcomes. Threatened by the breakaway threat by FOTA member teams and their efforts to put a more credible series where governance is transparent and everyone has respect for each other.

Max Mosley ways of mudslinging, branding team bosses “loonies”, being deaf to the teams who invest millions in the sport was a step too far after all the defamation he bought to the sport after last year’s sex-scandal.

We saw in last few months multiple rule changes when the sport all needed stability in such hard economic times. Introduction of KERS is an expensive flop. After 7 rounds of championship only Ferrari are using it!

Yesterday, Mosley agreed to step down immediately, his decision to impose a £40m spending cap on teams participating in the championship was scrapped and the teams won a formal role in the governance of the sport. Its an awesome news for everyone involved with the sport.

“To us, three things were most important; that F1 stay F1 and not become F3, that there is no dictator, but that there was a choice of rules, agreed and not imposed; and that whoever had a team was consulted and had a voice. Mosley has announced that in October he will stand down, with an irrevocale decision, and that from now on he won’t get involved in F1.” said Montezemolo yesterday clearly berating Mosley’s way of working

Its an end of a madman. This is a good time for Formula 1. This is a victory for fans. Nobody will shed a tear for Mosley and i guess nobody!

Tatty bye to Mosley.

Peace in F1 – A good sign for everyone involved

A deal is struck today at FIA World Council which dismisses all the possibility of a breakaway series by FOTA and confirms participation of all FOTA teams till the end of 2012.

Its a good sign for the sport overall and fans must be delighted.

A deal is struck, Mosley agrees not to stand again–  Grand Prix.com

There will no doubt be much speculation as to whether or not the resolution is a defeat for Mosley, but the key point is that F1 has been saved from what would have been a disastous break-up. It is clear that all sides were willing to accept the decisions made and thus, the sport can move ahead. There are still other problems that need to be solved, not least the future commercial deal after 2012.

Di Montezemolo hails Mosley contribution– Autosport

“When you have reached an agreement, everyone has to help in the same way.”

Where you stand?


Thanks to the photographer

Looking back: Mansell picking Senna in British GP ’91

After winning British GP for the third time in 1991, Nigel Mansell famously stopped in the slowing down lap to pick up his rival Aryton Senna, who ran out of fuel.

Class act!

Vettel wins British GP from pole

Germany’s rising star Sebastian Vettel had a perfect day today at Silverstone to win British GP from pole position beating his teammate Mark Webber and Brawn GP driver Rubens Barrichello. He pulled apart from the chasing group right from the star and never looked in trouble.


“It is fantastic. It shows we are on the right way. I want to thank Silverstone: it’s only my second time here, I enjoyed it so much here, the cheering was fantastic, the emotions especially when I crossed the chequered flag, it was fantastic.” said Vettel

Brawn GP cars struggled at low temperatures to get heat to the tyres. Jenson Button, winner of 6 races out of 8 this year, could only manage sixth.

Ferrari made a huge improvement this race weekend and both its drivers finished in points. Felipe Massa finished fourth while Kimi Raikkonen finished eighth.

Fernando Alonso of Renault could only finish fourteenth.

Race report

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