Can Ferrari leave F1?

5211An an interesting article in Gazzetta dello Sport soon turned my attention. Luca Montezemolo met all the constructors at Bahrain and also discussed the issue with Bernie Ecclestone to ward of potential ideas of Max Mosley.  The ideas like similar engines, budget cap of 30 million.  The ideas which can pass at World Council in Paris today might be tip-of-an-iceberg to Ferrari and may decrease its interest in the sport.

Ferrari is most common name in F1 and they have maximum army of fans around the world and such a move will be devastating for F1.  In my article ‘Will Max Mosley lead to demise of F1?’ , we can see that constructors like Ferrari and Toyota were very vocal in issuing a warning to FIA when a single engine for each team idea was proposed.

“We have to see what Mosley really wants, as he does sometimes come out with dotty proposals. However I am sure that Formula 1 will soon reunite without further divisions.” says Bernie Ecclestone

Ferrari are the only team to have competed in all F1 championships from which it has derived glory, money, technological advances and an unrivalled fanbase.

As the great Basque philosopher, Miguel de Unamuno, said to one of Franco’s men back in the days of the Spanish Civil War: “Vencerás, pero no convencerás” – You will win but you will never convince. Max Mosley care for us fans for a moment. You will make us all to tears in the process.

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