Worst case scenario

fiaMcLaren Liargate Saga

Extraordinary meeting of the FIA world council itself means that something is not right. McLaren team once again found themselves against the music. McLaren faces the prospect of a second hefty fine or get thrown out of this year’s championship or a few race suspension. McLaren are found to breach Article 151c of the International Sporting Code after the team’s behavior at Australian GP. McLaren have already accepted the charges and one of the fines is a certainty.

The journalists are already speculating the possible scenarios. Some are speculating over Lewis Hamilton’s future , others over future of Ron Dennis. The team has already found a fall-guy in Dave Ryan and dismissed him.

What will happen in McLaren if a severe fine is imposed in Extraordinary FIA meeting? Will Ron Dennis quit? Will Lewis Hamilton quit from the team after this season? What if Martin Whitmarsh is made to resign? Who is there to succeed him in the team?

Diffuser Saga

What will happen if we consider Brawn Mercedes, Toyota and Williams to lose FIA’s Court of Appeal verdict on their diffusers. That result will mean that all the points of Jenson Button, Jarno Trulli ……. will be annulled. The matter that Court of Appeal will hear next Tuesday is to answer whether Brawn Mercedes, Toyota and Williams have illegal diffusers on their cars? The double decker diffusers which the 3 teams are using increases grip and downforce of the cars and such a difference in the downforce is proving to be very pivotal in the current season where we have seen all these 3 teams dominating. The design of diffusers is approved by Charlie Whiting and when Max Mosley was asked about the designs he was impressed by them.

If the aforementioned 3 teams lose the verdict it would be a travesty for the fans. The fans which saw the end of Ferrari-McLaren domination as good for the sport will be devastated by such a result. The teams with small budgets will find these results hard to assimilate and might consider leaving sport in these hard financial times.

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