A new F1 dawn beckons in 2 days

2The upcoming season due to start at Melbourne on Friday is most widely awaited season in recent history. Drastic rules changes to promote more overtaking has created a level playing field for teams at the end of last year and from testing form we find new contenders for the top spot. The introduction of wider front wings, narrow rear wings, KERS, return to slick tyres are some of the changes at the top of my head. Increase of pit lane speed from 80 to 100 kmph will see a shift in strategy too.

For the first time, the front wings are adjustable from the cockpit through six degrees, twice a lap. It will lead a driver to generate a greater downforce while challenging another, to reduce the aerodynamically induced understeer problem that has traditionally militated against passing. KERS  can give drivers up to 85 bhp for 6.6s a lap, giving them their own ‘push-to-pass’ aid.

Right now it seems that several teams could set the pace in Australia– Brawn, Ferrari, BMW Sauber and Toyota were very strong during testing. Brawn are this year’s Cinderella story. Every team is pointing at them as their most fearsome rival.

Also we will see a more mature Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa, the car developing genius of Fernando Alonso, underfire Kimi Raikkonen, new  potential of Sebastian Vettel along with steel of Robert Kubica battling for the WDC round the year. Then there are veterans like Rubens Barrichello, Jarno Trulli, Jenson Button in a season when they can shed their tag of under-performance.

I’m as excited as a Parish Priest at an altar boy convention!

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