Opinion: Points system row is embarrasing for F1

d07bel3630F1 is a sport which boasts itself as an epitome of technological and scientific innovation and only next to space technology. It boasts a billion of fans across the world but sometimes internal politics should only kept inside the boardrooms.

The F1 powerplay currently is between teams association FOTA and Max Mosley/Bernie Ecclestone. Teams are fighting for their survival in the sport during the current economic weather by demanding more money from Ecclestone. Ecclestone although has another ideas. He along with his long time ally Max Mosley trying to embarrass FOTA at every moment along with an effort to divide the group.

The current refusal by the teams to sign on ‘winner takes all’ system, in which the driver with the most wins would be champion.

To bring in a new rule at short notice requires the teams to sign off on it unanimously and, stunned by the FIA’s budget cap move, they’ve said, “You know what? We aren’t going to to that, Max.”

FOTA unanimously disliked the system crafted by Max Mosley. Drivers like Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button ridiculed this idea of FIA.

Now that FIA has decided not to introduce the new system if the teams did not agree with it. 2010 will see the proposed system.

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali says that the current situation is not good for the image of F1.

What everyone involved needs to remember is that they are going to gain more if they work together. F1 is a single company. Too often the people involved allow their personal ambitions, to get in the way of progress. The most important thing is the sport and the fights should be solved within the boardroom.

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