Brawn GP and McLaren – A tale so opposite!

At the end of last season McLaren were at the top of the pile only next to Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton became 2008 F1 season champion. On the other hand Honda finished just in front of Force India. Honda then decided to part with its F1 team and the team looked dead near the end of last year!

Then only a week ago Ross Brawn along with Nick Fry and few others pulled out a management buyout from Honda and Brawn GP was established. The team had only 4 days to test at Barcelona. And they were all guns blazing. They consistently set pace throughout four days.  (Mon, Tue, Wed and Thurs)

Barcelona is a great yardstick for the season as it rewards aerodynamic efficiency and good tyre management, so if your car goes well there it’s going to go well at most places. – James Allen

If you make a direct comparison between the race distance runs of Massa and Button on Wednesday and Barrichello on Thursday you see that Jenson does 19 laps below 1m 21, Barrichello does 14, while Massa manages just 2! – James Aleen

On the other hand the situation with McLaren was totally opposite. Ron Dennis confirmed this week that the development of the car was a little behind schedule. Now Norbert Haug, engine partner Mercedes’ motorsport boss and Martin Whitmarsh, team boss concede the same.

“We are definitely not fast enough and not competitive enough to aim for wins.”- Norbert Haug

The real pace and reliability will only be confirmed after a couple of races in the season but if things remain same then Brawn GP will be the story of the season and Honda will be kicking themselves.


  1. McLaren will catch up after 3 or 4 races, but its going to be a difficult season. Testing times are usually deceptive, though the gaps seem to speak of some conviction.

  2. Yes, maybe Ron compromised the development of MP 24 ..but don’t you didn’t he needed to win 2008 at any cost for Hamilton. Not winning title would have been too devastating on the young driver after coming close twice!

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