Is there a problem with McLaren?

lewis-hamilton-feb-barcelona3-test-wed-04All is not well at McLaren it seems. It has been reported that the rear of the car – the diffuser and the rear wing – is not doing what the figures in the wind tunnel suggested before the season.

A study of the lap times in Barcelona this week suggests that Ferrari have a slight edge on Renault, who in turn have an  advantage over an mid-pack group comprising BMW Sauber, Brawn GP, Red Bull and Toyota. And then lies McLaren!!

‘The testing performances we have seen so far suggest that McLaren has, if not a mountain, then certainly a big hill to climb, while Ferrari, BMW and Toyota look very strong, one might almost say equally strong.” – James Allen

Lewis Hamilton will be testing the car tomorrow at Catalunya.

Meanwhile, Ron Dennis has insisted McLaren will be title contenders in 2009.

“Whatever performance level McLaren have today we will be a competitive racing team.” – Ron Dennis

The 2009 season begins in Melbourne with first race on 29 March.

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  1. […] the other hand the situation with McLaren was totally opposite. Ron Dennis confirmed this week that the development of the car was a little behind schedule. Now […]

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