USF1: A new team on the block

usf1-logoTeam Name: Looks like USF1 is the chosen name so far

Owners: Peter Windsor, Ken Anderson

Sponsors: Windsor’s team blog confirms that one of their initial investors are the advertising agency of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

Drivers: None confirmed but rumour mills are highlighting on Jonathon Summerton, Danica Patrick, Scott Speed, Kyle Busch, Marco Andretti.

Expected entry: 2010

USP: US based – Charlotte, N. Carolina, fans can visit the Factory and see the car being designed and they can interact with the team, intend to have American drivers.

“And, above all, give us your thoughts and ideas as the team begins to grow: because USF1 is for all of you out there who love F1, who love the idea of proving that American racing technology is on par to compete at the highest levels of the sport globally. And it is for those of you who, like us, just have a yearning to pit one human being against another in exotic pieces of machinery.”

Idea to be US-based:

“Most of the technology from F1 comes from the US to begin with, and on the logistics side, next year less than half the races take place on the (European) continent so there is less reason for being there,” he said. “The cost of doing business in the US is significantly cheaper than Europe and there are a lot of good people here.”

Launch vid

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  1. The only viable candidate on the list is Scott Speed. He’s been there, he knows the ropes and the game, and he’s a proven talent. His misfortune was to be on a third rate team that was managed by people who had no interest in promoting a U.S. driver in F1. He can win if given a car capable of winning. The biggest question is: would he take the job? I hope it’s offered and I hope he takes it. For a second driver, there are a number of very very good young Americans racing today. Two would be Alexander Rossi and JR Hildebrand. They need more experience, but they should be on a short list.

    Patrick is also know talent. But her talent is for finishing top five in the Indy League and her talent is largely limited to oval racing. Two years in Formula Atlantic produced no wins and her years in Indy cars has produced one fuel management win. She’s good, but not nearly good enough, Marco has been a mild disappointment—-talented but immature and race-craft poor. Kyle Busch is a complete unknown when it come to open wheel racing where push and shove and blocking are penalty offenses. I you want to go that way,. Jeff Gordon or Tony Stewart would be better but illogical choices.

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