Ferrari uncover new F1 car


The Ferrari released F60 which Massa called as cute. The car is named the F60 to celebrate the company’s 60th year of Formula 1 competition.

“I’m nervous but also happy to take it onto the track for the first time. Given all the new rules I was expecting a different sort of car, more like those of 10 years ago with big spoilers, so I was surprised. I found the new F.60 to be small, very compact and pretty.” – Massa

The car is designed from the scratch due to a lot of new regulations by FIA. 2009 sees the introduction of KERS and a new aerodynamics configurations.

“There have been many changes this year. We can’t really talk about an evolution, but about a car designed from scratch. It is the fruit of many rule changes due to the introduction of new technologies such as KERS and the Federation’s desire to increase the excitement factor in Formula 1 by making it easier to overtake. The aerodynamics have been completely reworked, as have the slick tyres. The car’s aerodynamics are totally different to last year’s.” – Ferrari Technical director Aldo Costa

“We have been very much conditioned by the aerodynamics rules. They are perhaps the biggest changes we have ever seen. The aerodynamics created by the new rules totally change the airflow around the car. The front wing is much wider, its wake and vortices flowing outside the wheels. Then with the elimination of so many appendages, the car has a smoother shape. We have redesigned the bodywork around these rules. The rear wing is narrower, being more central from the cockpit. It has been completely redesigned.” – Nicolas Tombazis

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