New Formula 1 from 2009

The cost-cutting measures of FIA will hit ground with immediate effect. The uncertain markets of the world and the recent exit of Honda from F1 hurried up the proposals and sign offs. The changes proposed range from car development, engine regulations and dramatic cuts in aerodynamic development along with bans on refuelling and use of tyre warmers, in-season testing will see team budgets cut by roughly 30 per cent in 2009.

“It’s a major step forward,” Mosley announced. “I think this is probably the first step towards F1 saving itself, because everybody recognised the situation had become very serious.”

The changes can at best be seen as a compromise at tough times with a few positive steps as ban of refuelling and tyre warmers.

ferrari20071From 2009. .

Engine life to be doubled. Each driver to use maximum of eight engines per season; each team can use an additional four for testing.

Limited to 18,000 revs per minute (from 19,000rpm).

Cost of engines to independent teams will be approximately 50 per cent of 2008 prices.

No wind tunnel testing using models exceeding 60 per cent scale and speeds of 50m/sec.

Factory closures for six weeks per year, to accord with local laws.

Kinetic Energy Recovery System is part of the 2009 regulations, but not compulsory. However, from 2010 FOTA are considering proposals for a standard KERS system.

From 2010. . .

Present 2.4 litre V8 engine will continue to be used in 2011 and 2012.

Standardised radio and telemetry systems, a ban on tyre warmers, mechanical purging of tyres and, most crucially, a ban on refuelling.

Manpower reduced by sharing information, eliminating need for ‘spotters’.

Further restrictions on aerodynamics and facilities.

FIA/FOTA to look at. . .

Possible reduction in race distance or duration.

Possibility of an entirely new power train for 2013.

Possible changes to qualifying and introduction of a medals system to replace points system.

[Source of changes summary – Telegraph]

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