Cost cutting, cost cutting!

weak economyMosley gives his vision –

Mosley said that the continual search for lighter, exotic materials “has created a mentality in F1 where the engineers are only comfortable in refinement, they don’t do innovation. That is slowly destroying F1. It is enormously expensive and is not really what an engineer should be doing.”

Mosley wins key F1 costs deal – Telegraph

‘Now agreement has been reached on measures to meet all the objectives originally proposed by Mosley for 2010 and beyond. That clearly suggests at least four teams – as demanded by Mosley – have signed up to use a standardised engine, to be produced by Cosworth, for three years from 2010.

The others are likely to agree to some sort of compromise whereby they manufacture and badge their own engines, but agree to set specifications.”

FOTA hails cost-cutting agreement – Autosport

“The extreme compactness, never seen before, and all the participant’s passion for this sport brought the FOTA members to go beyond the requests made by President Mosley, taking into account courageous proposals, while voting unanimously for a substantial reduction of costs already as of 2009, which will be the most difficult year for the world economy and for the automotive industry in particular.”

A very, very strange way of cutting costs – pitpass

and still there are some teams who spend!

Should F1 drivers take pay cuts? – F1fanatic

F1fanatic asks whether 8 figure earning drivers will have to take pay-cuts.

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