Honda’s exit – Expert reactions

Harsh reality catches up in F1 – BBC Sport

“I heard a story on Thursday of a team principal who went to see his board to discuss his budget for the coming season, hoping for a modest $20m (£13.6m) increase. He left the meeting with a decrease of $40m. Things are changing.”

Fry says Honda have three offers – Autosport

“This situation is very different from the Super Aguri and Arrows type situation, they were teams with limited assets. We are sitting here in possibly the best F1 facility in the world, in which Honda have invested in very heavily over the last couple of years. We have the best full-size wind tunnel.”

Cosworth win FIA standard engine tender

“As the guardians of the sport, the FIA is committed to working with the commercial rights holder and the remaining members of FOTA to ensure that Formula One becomes financially sustainable,” read an FIA statement.

FOTA hopes Honda’s team is sold – Autosport

“FOTA wishes that the technologically advanced expertise of the team based in Brackley is not dispersed and that the sporting challenge is resumed soon.”

Ouch, this economic crisis thing is hurting –

“We often forget that F1 racing is a luxury that the world can live without – if necessary. It is a form of escapism for many of those who tune in to watch the races, but do they really care?”

Analysis : Sayonara Honda, who else is at risk? –

“They are all facing the same financial troubles at the moment and Honda was actually considered to be among the strongest in terms of its commitment to Formula 1.”

How will Honda quitting affect F1? – F1fanatic

Toyota has reported a similar huge fall in its American market sales within days of Honda doing so: Honda’s sales fell by 32%, Toyota’s by 34%f

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