Honda’s departure –> FIA’s reaction

Honda’s  departure from F1 has led Max Mosley to send a letter to all the teams informing them that tender process for the standardised engine is now over and that Cosworth, together with Xtrac and Ricardo Transmissions will supply a complete Formula 1 package beginning in 2010.

The cost of these deals will be a $2.4m downpayment plus $8m a year for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons. These prices are based on four teams signing up for the engines and include 30,000 km of testing. The annual cost will reduce if more teams take up the option.

The FIA wants the standard teams to survive given the economic turmoil and other teams have to look for the compromise.

honda f1 Also, Honda Racing CEO Nick Fry agrees that the sport will continue and says that the agreements reached between the Formula One Teams’ Association (FOTA) yesterday will bring huge financial savings next year.

But the real question is will the teams compromise or will this scheme give them enough reason to quit the sport. Ferrari and Toyota racing have already threatened to quit over standard engines. As recent as last week Fernando Alonso considered standard engines as a bad idea and he might think of retirement. Will the sport survive Spanish heartrob’s departure when Valencia have invested so much in recent years for the race. The picture for the pessimistic looks gloomy but there might be a compromise left which can lead F1 through these times of economic turmoil.

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