2009 car – A new look

Gazetta dello takes a look at the 2009 car shape with respect to F2008 car. Due to FIA cutting negative lift by 50% with the elimination of all the aerodynamic appendages that racing cars have used in recent seasons, the car is drastically different.


No appendages

The aerodynamic appendages on Formula 1 cars in 2009 inside and behind the front wheels, chimneys, boomerangs and anything else applied to the sides, will be very precisely regulated in terms of profiles and radiuses. There are obviously bans on mini-wings behind the engine air scoop and a 100 cm wide one inside the two rear wheels. They have also eliminated the vents that evacuate hot air from the sides. This limitation will give the designers a tough time as they will face the added problem of having to cool the KERS batteries.


The horribly wide front one (1,800 mm) has been lowered by 75 mm and works in a less disturbed area. All cars must have a neutral and equal shape in the central 500 mm (where in 2008 there was generous leeway). Also there is the new driver-adjustable (6°) flap. The rear one is narrow but is 150 mm higher making for less disturbed airflow and it has a higher angle of incidence for the profiles.


All three channels have the same increased height (175mm). Also they are further back in relation to the rear axle.

Source: Gazetta dello Sport

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