Changes in 2009 – Slick tyres

In 1998 FIA banned slick tyres to control cornering speeds and make racing safer. After a lot of debates over the presence of groove tyre in F1, now slick tyres will be back in this motorsport from 2009 season. With a single supplier in Bridgestone there will not be any issues when control of cornering speeds is required by providing a harder tyre. A major impetus for this change is also to provide sport fans spectacle of more overtaking during the races.

slick-tyres-2008A slick tyre is a type of tyre that has no tread pattern. Such tyres provide the largest possible contact patch to the road, and maximize traction for any given tyre dimension.

Since there is no tread pattern, slick tyre tread does not deform too much under load. The reduced deformation allows the tyre to be constructed of softer compounds without excessive overheating and blistering. The softer rubber gives greater adhesion to the road surface, but it also has a lower treadwear rating; i.e. it wears out much more quickly than the harder rubber tyres used for driving on the streets.

For a motor racing purist slick tyres is always preferred to grooves. The tyre change will definitely provide more overtaking in 2009.

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