Dietrich Mateschitz owns two F1 teams again – Red Bull and Toro Rosso!

Red Bull has bought back the 50 per cent stake in the Toro Rosso Formula One team owned by Gerhard Berger. Now Dietrich Mateschitz owns two F1 teams (how cool?)

gerhard_berger_dietrich_mateschitzDietrich Mateschitz:

“I am very grateful to Gerhard for his huge input. Together we turned Toro Rosso into a team that qualified on a regular basis in the top 10 and collected world championship points.”

Gerhard Berger:

“A 100% financing of a joint project by one partner can only make sense, to my mind, at an initial stage. This stage is over now. That’s why Red Bull will take over the shares again.”

What will Red Bull do with two F1 teams? One is that Gerhard Berger would alone not have been able to develop chassis for Toro Rosso that is required from 2010 season. Red Bull has the resources to do it. reports that the company can afford to spend more than $1bn a year on its marketing programmes. Also, it is rumoured that Toro Rosso are looking for drivers that can bring huge amount of sponsors with them. This was confirmed in recent weeks by Sebastian Bourdais whose seat is on the line after a miserable debut season with Toro Rosso. This might leads to Bruno Senna or Takuma Sato for F1 seat in Toro Rosso. Buemi is tipped for the other driver seat of Toro Rosso. Sato though will not bring a lot of sponsors but will definitely drive Red Bull brand in Japan, the country where Red Bull is struggling to generate enough customer base.


Some mention that Red Bull after being outperformed by Toro Rosso in 2008 are looking towards benefits from Toro Rosso’s team of developers. A deal with Ferrari for engines can also be on the cards!!

But only time will tell what is in store for Toro Rosso and Red Bull Racing after this development.

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