Medals, rather than points, is the way ahead?

In 2003, the FIA updated the previous version to a 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1. This point system with all its virtues and flaws is a constant point of debate. Even Bernie seems not to be very assured about this point system. He wants to get rid of the system and wants to introduce medals in the format of Olympics i.e. gold, silver and bronze for top 3 drivers in a race. For WDC he wants the driver with most gold medals as the winner.

Bright side

Many argue that teams change their strategy for last races of the season to gain maximum advantage of this point system and not competing for podiums (which is not wrong in my definition?). They continue that this makes F1 less exciting at times. They would be delighted with such a move from F1A

Bernie says

“The FIA and all the teams are behind it and it will be done,” Ecclestone told The Times newspaper. “The whole point will be, when they get to Melbourne for the first race, the guys will want to leave there with a gold medal”

So, it seems that the current idea of Bernie can be implemented asap i.e. from 2009 season. This could be one of the points of discussion in upcoming FIA meeting in December. Fingers crossed for its approval!

2008 season with this medal system

If there were a medal system in 2008 the last race would have been a different kind of cracker. Both Massa and Hamilton would have 5 golds before entering this round of racing and they knew a win for both with seal WDC for them. Then we could have witnessed wheel-to-wheel racing between two drivers contending for WDC. How rare this is now with current point system!!

If with 2008 results were run through this medal system Massa would have won WDC due to his 6 golds.

WDC winner 2008 with medal system!!!

WDC winner 2008 with medal system!!!

1) Felipe Massa

2) Lewis Hamilton

3) Kimi Raikkonen

4) Fernando Alonso

5) Robert Kubica

The constructors championship would still continue under current point system.

I would like such an initiative in F1and believe that watching race will be more fun.

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