Will Max Mosley lead to demise of F1?

Max Mosley’s one-eyed delusional plans to save costs in Formula 1 seems like a plan to dismantle the sport as we have all grown up to know it. Mosley is trying to introduce standard engines which most of F1 fans seem improper. Toyota and Ferrari have issued statements to leave the sport if such plans are implemented. Critics, media and fans have the same thoughts that sport should not be interfered with respect to this issue, but Mosley seems to have gone senile.

“The use of same engines would deprive F1 of its competition and technological development,” said Ferrari

“I don’t think any of the manufacturers want a homogenised engine,” Toyota Motorsport president John Howett

Why can’t Mosley see this. With all due respect to his past records on safety in F1 his recent past and involvement is quite detrimental to the sport. First the sex scandal and now orgy of bad plans is doing F1 no good.

Mosley gone senile

Mosley gone senile

The teams are more united than ever. They have formed FOTA and apparently things are going incredibly smoothly. The six manufacturers currently involved in F1 (Ferrari, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes and Renault) have agreed not to submit a tender for homogenised engines. When a team of the stature of Ferrari is contemplating to leave F1 the future doesn’t seem good for F1. Ferrari is F1’s flagship. Who will want to see a race on Sunday without Ferrari cars filling up the grid?

Former Ferrari driver Jean Alesi says the famous Italian team is right to threaten to quit Formula One over the prospect of standard engines. Alesi said that not only should the proposal be withdrawn, its authors should publicly apologise.

If Toyota goes, will Honda stay? or if BMW leaves, will Mercedes still bankroll its F1 team? But the main question is : Can teams leave Formula 1 together and set up GP1?

Here are some analysis by reputed websites:

Quitting time? : Grandprix.com

Ferrari make F1 engine row threat : BBC Sport
It’s a real threat that the teams are united here – that the boards are united behind their teams – and that the FIA are not going to be able to steamroller their plans through

Ferrari and Toyota threaten to quit F1 if Max Mosley forces standard engines – F1fanatic
The obvious question is, why is Mosley continuing to push for standard engines in the face of strong opposition from the manufacturers?


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  2. […] army of fans around the world and such a move will be devastating for F1.  In my article ‘Will Max Mosley lead to demise of F1?’ , we can see that constructors like Ferrari and Toyota were very vocal in issuing a warning […]

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