Lewis Hamilton – Will he be a worthy WDC?

With Fernando Alonso pulling out another rabbit from the hat at Japanese GP there is another sector of fans and critics who are asking if Hamilton has what it takes to win 2008 WDC.

Talking the talk

Hamilton attracts controversy. A wide section of fans beleive that he is cocky. His comparing himself to Aryton Senna, constantly muttering that he is going to win the championship is further dividing the opinion. Before Japanese GP he was saying that a conservative approach is all what is required in the final three races(but again he blew it!)


Generally only a few mistakes is expected of WDC for a year. This year Hamilton has constantly made mistakes

Bahrain GP – Practice crash, then he forgot to arm the start software properly and slipped back to midfield, touched rear of Alonso

Canadian GP – Hitting the back of Raikkonen in the pit lane

French GP – Cutting the chicane and getting a penalty; repeating the same in Belgian GP

Italian GP – Wrong strategy

Japanese GP – Unnecessary attempt to overtake Raikkonen at T1 resulting in drive-through penalty


Although he is a pretty impressive new driver in the sport but many argue that he has one of the best cars set ups and several other drivers can fight for win if they in Hamilton’s position

Bad/weak opposition

Because of Massa too having his share of mistakes, a massive under-performance from Raikkonen this year, Kubica having a great run but in a weaker car than Mclaren and Ferrari, Alonso in a far weaker Renault – Hamilton is still leading WDC for now. Also, so many mistakes is not expected after being no. 1 driver of Mclaren

Last 2 races

He still has a 5 point lead over Felipe Massa going into the final two races. He can still finish behind Massa at both the races and still win WDC (Massa 1 and Ham 2 at both the races). But will the results of last year at these two tracks hound him? (I hope they do!)

I hope that Renault, BMW, McLaren and Ferrari are all on the same pace next year so that we have Raikkonen, Massa, Hamilton, Kubica and Alonso in the Championship fight


  1. I sincerely hope its Massa

  2. Who knows whats in the store in the last two races. With both the front runners making blunders there is a chance that Kubica comes out to be a champion!!!! All that is needed is Alonso putting off Hamilton and another good pit for Massa!!! 😀

  3. i some how wish Kubica to now – but life iz hard!

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