6th oct week : News wrap-up

F1 tyres to promote ‘green’ push  – BBC Sport

F1’s “Make Cars Green” campaign

Fuji Speedway is F1’s worst track – F1fanatic

An analysis into various aspects of Toyota’s Fuji speedway by F1fanatic

The man Hamilton must beat – BBC sport

Massa’s quick, but a bit wild and unpredictable, and too lacking in consistency and all-round qualities to be considered truly out of the top drawer!!

Berger urges cost cut agreement – Autosport

“If you look at GP2, and don’t get me wrong – I never want to compare GP2 to F1, and I never like F1 too close to any other series because it has to be different – but it cannot be that F1 costs one hundred times what GP2 costs,” Berger told autosport.com at the Japanese Grand Prix. “And on Sunday, when you watch the races, you sometimes see a better show in GP2.

Ecclestone baffled by Raikkonen’s form – Autosport

A sarcastic Bernie says “”Kimi is a strange guy and I like him the way he is” ..lol.
And that is what we are saying!

Mosley: Costs threaten F1’s future – Autosport

FIA president Max Mosley has warned that Formula One will be “in serious difficulty” if it does not take drastic cost-cutting measures by 2010. FIA reiterated that if the newly-formed Formula One Teams’ Association did not come up with proposals to significantly reduce the sport’s costs, the governing body would enforce its own measures, and Mosley believes as many as three present teams could be in jeopardy unless steps are rapidly taken

Forget Grand Prix, help the poor – The Gazette, Canada

It’s also time that we started caring more about the poor and the homeless in Montreal than the loss of a car race?

Ecclestone says India will make 2011 debut – Autosport


US & Canada snub angers F1 teams – BBC Sport

After Montreal is dropped from F1’s 2009 calendar the teams are angry. They don’t like their reach to North American audience to be this low (Zero as of now!). Mario Theissen and Nick Fry both want one race in Canada and two in the USA, while John Howett wants a real US race within the next four years.

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