Hamilton dominates Chinese weekend from start to finish

This time there was no break of nerve or gearbox problem or sticking in gravel. This time Hamilton cruises past Shanghai circuit from start to finish and goes to Brazil with a 7 points lead. Hamilton was fastest in all sessions at China except 1. Raikkonen, who was second till last 8 laps paved way, for Massa to finish ahead of him. Raikkonen was third.

The race was a borefest with little overtaking initially by Webber and nice little fight between Alonso and Kovaleinen (After so many exciting races a boring race was due!). Kubica finished sixth after qualifying only at 12th position and is now out of WDC picture. Alonso felt like winning after finishing fourth. The race clearly showed the ability of the Mclaren to get the desired tyre temperatures in a single lap and Hamilton outpaced everyone of the grid by 0.3 secs a lap (a phenomenon gap!)

The last laps were amid a bit of controversy among the fans as Raikkonen was paving way for Massa to let him pass (It wasn’t as subtle as interlagos last year when Raikkonen got ahead of Massa). But, what Ferrari did today was no different to how Lewis Hamilton passed Heikki Kovalainen at Hockenheim, or how Robert Kubica passed Nick Heidfeld at Montreal. Raikkonen was sacrificing for his team and returning the favour Massa did for him at Interlagos last year.

Another heartbreak for Adrian Sutil of Force India with his 11th retirement of the season.

With Hamilton having the same gap going into final round as last year many Ferrari fans will be expecting of another miracle. But lightening doesn’t strike twice!! The Hamilton is definitely more mature than last year and will be taking it easy to win WDC. He just needs a fifth place finish at Interlagos when Massa wins the race to take home WDC. It will be after ’99 that a McLaren driver will be taking the trophy home. But, lets not get carried away!

2 weeks to the last race of the season now.

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Hamilton cruises to another pole at Shanghai

Lewis Hamilton will be at the pole tomorrow at the start of the Chinese GP. Behind him will be Raikkonen and Massa respectively. Alonso is fourth. Hamilton had a comfortable pole with the difference between him and Raikkonen being 0.3 sec (exposing his lighter fuel strategy?).

Kubica is out at 12th position and will be expected to compete with one stop strategy (Can we count him out of WDC now?)

The race will be very interesting to see the Ferrari’s strategy, Hamilton’s strategy and role of Alonso in the outcome of WDC.

Hoping for a cracking race!

Top 5 drivers

1. Lewis Hamilton 1′36.303
2. Kimi Raikkonen 1′36.645
3. Felipe Massa 1′36.889
4. Fernando Alonso 1′36.927
5. Heikki Kovalainen 1′36.930

Lewis Hamilton – Will he be a worthy WDC?

With Fernando Alonso pulling out another rabbit from the hat at Japanese GP there is another sector of fans and critics who are asking if Hamilton has what it takes to win 2008 WDC.

Talking the talk

Hamilton attracts controversy. A wide section of fans beleive that he is cocky. His comparing himself to Aryton Senna, constantly muttering that he is going to win the championship is further dividing the opinion. Before Japanese GP he was saying that a conservative approach is all what is required in the final three races(but again he blew it!)


Generally only a few mistakes is expected of WDC for a year. This year Hamilton has constantly made mistakes

Bahrain GP – Practice crash, then he forgot to arm the start software properly and slipped back to midfield, touched rear of Alonso

Canadian GP – Hitting the back of Raikkonen in the pit lane

French GP – Cutting the chicane and getting a penalty; repeating the same in Belgian GP

Italian GP – Wrong strategy

Japanese GP – Unnecessary attempt to overtake Raikkonen at T1 resulting in drive-through penalty


Although he is a pretty impressive new driver in the sport but many argue that he has one of the best cars set ups and several other drivers can fight for win if they in Hamilton’s position

Bad/weak opposition

Because of Massa too having his share of mistakes, a massive under-performance from Raikkonen this year, Kubica having a great run but in a weaker car than Mclaren and Ferrari, Alonso in a far weaker Renault – Hamilton is still leading WDC for now. Also, so many mistakes is not expected after being no. 1 driver of Mclaren

Last 2 races

He still has a 5 point lead over Felipe Massa going into the final two races. He can still finish behind Massa at both the races and still win WDC (Massa 1 and Ham 2 at both the races). But will the results of last year at these two tracks hound him? (I hope they do!)

I hope that Renault, BMW, McLaren and Ferrari are all on the same pace next year so that we have Raikkonen, Massa, Hamilton, Kubica and Alonso in the Championship fight

Alonso wins again as McLaren has an off-day

When I wrote last month about chances of Fernando Alonso to be on podium again, i didn’t know he’ll win next two races. With a shock Singapore GP already in his bag, Alonso was aiming for top 5 at Japan GP but met a comfortable victory.

The race started with Kimi overtaking Hamilton only for Hamilton to fight back and push himself, Kimi, Massa and Kovaleinnen off the track. This resulted in him getting a drive through penalty (but outbraking yourself into T1 and wedging the field over happens pretty often). It was almost written on the wall as so many drivers were unhappy with Hamilton’s driving style (Kubica, Alonso to name a few).

Article 16.1 of the sporting regulations allows the stewards to penalise drivers for forcing each other off the track

Then Hamilton started to lose some pace (due to unexplained reasons). When Massa charged ahead of him, Hamilton fought the position back but Massa didn’t give up. The matter got worse for Hamilton as his car spun with a touch of Massa’s car from behind. This forced him into the last position on the grid along with Massa getting a drive through penalty. Hamilton damaged barge boards and floor from collision with Massa.

This led Alonso, Kubica and Raikonned to capitalise and finishing 1,2,3 respectively. Atleast Massa fought back to finish in points at 8. Kovaleinnen retired due to engine failure completing a day without points for McLaren. Piquet, Trulli, Bourdais and Vettel were 4-7 respectively.

Force India had another disasterous weekend with Adrian Sutil getting his car punctured and Giancarlo Fisichella retiring due to technical issues (What does this team need?)

Driver Championship

Hamilton 84 , Massa 78,  Kubica 72, Raikkonen 63

Constructors championship

Ferrari 141, McLaren 135, BMW Sauber, 128

Desperately waiting for final two races now?

Japanese GP – Qualifying

Lewis Hamilton will start the Japanese Grand Prix from pole position for the second year in a row and Massa starts tomorrow’s crucial race from fifth on the grid. Massa, who has been so consistent in qualifying this season, just couldn’t string it together when it counted – and could that count him for victory in Japan?

Top five drivers’ times

1. Lewis Hamilton 1′18.404
2. Kimi Raikkonen 1′18.644
3. Heikki Kovalainen 1′18.821
4. Fernando Alonso 1′18.852
5. Felipe Massa 1′18.874

Is this the end of road for Massa?


6th oct week : News wrap-up

F1 tyres to promote ‘green’ push  – BBC Sport

F1’s “Make Cars Green” campaign

Fuji Speedway is F1’s worst track – F1fanatic

An analysis into various aspects of Toyota’s Fuji speedway by F1fanatic

The man Hamilton must beat – BBC sport

Massa’s quick, but a bit wild and unpredictable, and too lacking in consistency and all-round qualities to be considered truly out of the top drawer!!

Berger urges cost cut agreement – Autosport

“If you look at GP2, and don’t get me wrong – I never want to compare GP2 to F1, and I never like F1 too close to any other series because it has to be different – but it cannot be that F1 costs one hundred times what GP2 costs,” Berger told autosport.com at the Japanese Grand Prix. “And on Sunday, when you watch the races, you sometimes see a better show in GP2.

Ecclestone baffled by Raikkonen’s form – Autosport

A sarcastic Bernie says “”Kimi is a strange guy and I like him the way he is” ..lol.
And that is what we are saying!

Mosley: Costs threaten F1’s future – Autosport

FIA president Max Mosley has warned that Formula One will be “in serious difficulty” if it does not take drastic cost-cutting measures by 2010. FIA reiterated that if the newly-formed Formula One Teams’ Association did not come up with proposals to significantly reduce the sport’s costs, the governing body would enforce its own measures, and Mosley believes as many as three present teams could be in jeopardy unless steps are rapidly taken

Forget Grand Prix, help the poor – The Gazette, Canada

It’s also time that we started caring more about the poor and the homeless in Montreal than the loss of a car race?

Ecclestone says India will make 2011 debut – Autosport


US & Canada snub angers F1 teams – BBC Sport

After Montreal is dropped from F1’s 2009 calendar the teams are angry. They don’t like their reach to North American audience to be this low (Zero as of now!). Mario Theissen and Nick Fry both want one race in Canada and two in the USA, while John Howett wants a real US race within the next four years.

29 Sep week : News wrap-up

Technical insight of Japanese GP  – F1technical

Pascal Vasselon of Toyota Racing gives some technical insight in the Japanese race

Ferrari revert back to ‘lollipop’ system – Autosport

Is there enuf time?

Bridgestone heads home for Japanese GP – Paddocktalk

Bridgestone is the world’s largest producer of rubber products, so its yearly production of around 60,000 Bridgestone Potenza Formula One tyres is not so substantial when Bridgestone makes 16.9 percent of the world’s production of tyres

Heidfeld in BMW 2009 due to ‘Very good progress’ – crash.net

Theissen refused to answer a question about whether BMW had simply been unable to reach an agreement with former double world champion and current Renault incumbent Fernando Alonso – the Spaniard having been linked to taking Heidfeld’s place – F1SA claims.

Vijay Mallya proud of Force India – AFP

The general public too has embraced Force India. We’re here, we’re competing on a world class stage and we are holding our own — every Indian can be proud that we’ve done that.

Come on Force India, be more competitive

Loss of Canadian GP a blow to Montreal tourism – The Gazette

Tourism officials estimate the race pours about $75 million into Montreal’s economy and François Meunier, vice-president of the Association des restaurateurs du Québec, said about $20 million of that flows into the pockets of restaurant owners.
But who’s to blame?  – bad track surface, highly dangerous accidents!!

Sauber urges caution on F1 night races – duemotori

The wise man asks Bernie Ecclestone not to get carried away!

Di Grassi deserves F1 seat – f1-live

From the mind of Pat Symonds of Renault. Is the end of Nelsinho Piquet near?

Participate in poll – ING and F1 racing

“The survey will give the race organisers, sponsors and teams a real insight into what fans think. Not just what they love about the sport, but areas they feel could be improved.”

F1 prepares to tighten its belt – CNN

credit crunch hit carmakers. “Everyone is selling a lot less cars and these are the guys who are paying for F1”

Fastest laps in F1 mean nothing – crash.net

worthless, surely Kimi

F1 team link up to bring overtaking break – crash.net

McLaren’s Paddy Lowe, Ferrari man Rory Byrne and Pat Symonds of Renault have set up the Overtaking Working Group – Interesting name, but will it be effective?

McLaren urge ‘discipline’ – crash.net

Wounded Mclaren (of last year) urges cautious approach to win title this year

F1’s unwritten rules : team orders – F1fanatic

Excellent article

The big picture of Singapore GP – Boston.com

Excellent photographs of Singapore GP

Williams retain Nico Rosberg and Kazuki Nakajima for next season – BBC sport

Nico Hulkenberg, currently leading the Formula 3 Euroseries, will continue as the official test driver

Lewis Hamilton criticized in Germany – Auto123

“I know that I am as good as Ayrton Senna was,” the 23-year-old is quoted as saying!!!! can’t stop his mouth

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