Indian GP 2011?

Many of the Formula fans in India were hoping to see a GP race in 2010 as was expected, but now Bernie Ecclestone says that i won’t be possible until 2011!

“These things take time, ” Ecclestone told the Agence France Presse in Singapore

It is also dependent on certain conditions being met, notably building a circuit. Or reading between the lines is it dependent on the future of Force India? Right now, Vijay Mallay owns Force India; but with such performances next year can his interest remain intact in the sport? Lets hope that his enthusiasm remain on course to provide India its first race ever.

Also with the delayed transmission of Singapore GP qualifying ESPN-Star have confirmed that the base of football fans is bigger than F1 enthusiasts (I am truly pissed at that!)

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  1. dear sir,
    well i’m a vry straight forward guy.i love to explore new places n am adventurous to the a bit introvert i love listnin 2 music, watchn movies,singing… driving n driving….driving is my passion….. given a chance would love to go for a rally and f1 & i promise i wont let anyone down.i wanna take car racing professionally.i js dnt knw wer 2 start 4rm.please help me wid d same
    thanking you,
    ishpal singh gulati

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