Formula 1 & Finland : two to tango!

Finland has produced some excellent racing drivers over the years. Keke Rosberg, Mika Hakkinen, Kimi Raikonnen have already been F1 WDC champions for the country. The country has produced more formula one world champions per capita than anywhere else. Whats the reason?

Well, the answer lies in the fact that Go-karting is as popular in Finland as football in Brazil. A lot of Finnish kids, encouraged by their parents, pick up karting.

The following video is an excellent way to find the way Finnish kids pick up karting and go on to become WDC (yes, its a piece on Raikonnen!)

Picking some of the pieces of the article on Guardian:

Kovalainen would spend hours thrashing around “on the back roads or farm roads,” as he puts it, “not legally, but quietly in the middle of the night when there were no police around”, learning the skills he now puts into practice on race tracks around the world

“Go-karting is very popular in Finland. It has been since the ’60s, and it’s growing and growing. A lot of people have it as a hobby.”

The link for the excellent article is

The following is a video tribute to great Finnish drivers:


  1. F1 ? Isn’t that the key between Esc & F2 ?

    read this line in HT today…lol

  2. F2 is a feeder series intended to be introduced from next season. Before every F1 race there are races of several other series like GP2 etc.
    Whats Esc? may be then the relation can be understood

  3. Esc is the relation between Michael (not schumacher) Scofield and Fox River/Sona

  4. Prison Break 4th season aa gaya kya??

  5. dudes, can we talk about F1?

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