Can Fernando Alonso finish on podium this season?

When Michael Schumacher was winning title after title there was a constant discussion over his possible successor and then in 2005 Fernando Alonso announced himself on the stage. He won WDC in 2005 and 2006 with Renault and then nearly won 2007 title with McLaren (much can be argued on his handling by McLaren!). This year prodigal son returned to Renault but found himself in precarious situation with the car far behind in the grid, leaving him with an uphill task to finish on the podium. The 2008 season is entering the final phase of 4 races outside Europe for a grand finale. Hamilton and Massa are fighting at the front with Alonso battling at number 7 and realistically with a little change to finish at number 6.

What has changed?

With the engine freeze announced a season ago, Renault may have took the things too frivously (taking onto the literal meaning of the words!). While the competitors improved the performance of the engine by showing the cost improvement to FIA, Renault couldn’t cope up with the front pack. Now they are fighting for the fourth position along with Toyota. Even Flavio Briatore has confessed the reality.

The Legacy

Alonso is the most famous driver from Spain and the youngest winner of WDC. His persona was a factor behind Spain hosting 2 grand prix races this year (Catalunya and Valencia). He gave Spain one more reason to cheer when he marched on to the scene in 2005. Every Spanish felt betrayed by the way business was conducted by McLaren last year. Even the most biased fan of other drivers will feel for him this year. Alonso is a winner like Schumacher.

What is left this season?

With 4 races left and there being a good probability of rain in a few, Alonso fans expect him to be on podium this year. I for sure will like the driver of his caliber to be on podium this year.

The road ahead

With Ferrari retaining Massa and Raikonned till 2010 and McLaren out of scope only BMW can lure Alonso for now. But perhaps he’ll wait for a chance to come from Ferrari in the future and is expected to remain with Renault for next season.

What you think about Alonso’s situation?


  1. anticipation brought half the world down recently 🙂 I am not betting anymore…

  2. yes, but the fans hope for the best

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