Teams seek equal engine performance?

Analysing Autosport news (  – There is a clear difference between the performance of Ferrari powered engines and other engine manufacturers and a  behind-the-curtain efforts to equal up the engine performance of all teams. Report says that many teams are seeking rules changes; otherwise it could leave them well down the grid till 2013. As previously mentioned in this blog, Ferrari engines are superior to other engines on a straight line.

A few lines from the article: “We just want to make things more equal between all the engines on the grid – as they were when the freeze first came in,” ,”A number of teams share our feelings, and discussions are taking place with the FIA about resolving the situation.”

Flavio Briatore of Renault spoke a few months earlier on how they have fallen behind Ferrari and other teams in terms of engine changes in recent years. We can see that in the performance of Renault and for direct comparison Red Bull team powered by Renault engines and Red Bull B team (Toro Rosso) powered by Ferrari.

One may argue that FIA should listen to these teams and make some rules to equal the engine performance for the cars as they want to see more of Kubica and Alonso in the races; along with Vettel,Glock and Trulli. Others will say, what about the competition?

What should FIA do?

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  1. well it’s like restricting chelsea,man u etc from spending money… that others can match them…i dont think its good for F1…but think 4 races to go and instead of just 2 drivers there will be 10-15 drivers pusihing for WDC…isn’t that interesting???

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