Shape of Drivers Championship

Lets discuss WDC with 4 races left for this season and McLaren beleiving their wet car set up will eventually crown Lewis Hamilton as a champion. The 4 races left for the season are in Singapore, Japan, China and Brazil. The last three races are notorious for producing wet races and we have seen this year that Hamilton is formidable force to beat on a wet circuit. We saw the heroics of Hamilton at Monaco, Silverstone and Hockenheim in which he sweeped aside his opponents and stood first on the podium after the race. With a very impressive drive across the Monza circuit only to be undermined by a bad tyre strategy the jury is up for the Hamilton to be crowned WDC at the end of the season if it rains. Ferrari are clearly struggling this year when it is wet.

With the points table indicates that only Hamilton and Massa will have a realistic chance of ending as WDC, Kubica is an outside shout. Lets consider various factors:

1) Hamilton is pretty consistent this year while Massa sometimes flatter to deceive

2) Hamilton’s attitude is sometimes that of a spoiled brat (we saw him having 3 rash overtakes at Monza)

3) Hamilton is undoubtedly wet race favorite at this time. Ferrari is clearly in a relatively better position during dry races

4) McLaren had few engine troubles this year compared to Ferrari

5) Hamilton has a driver in Kovaleinnen to support him for WDC unlike Massa

So, the stars are pointing towards Hamilton to win WDC if it rains in these races, while they are pretty evenly pointed if the races are dry.

Which driver will emerge as WDC?


  1. Hamilton if it rains n Massa if it doesn’t…Kubica if both of them messed up big time like Alonso, Hamilton did last time….

  2. Massa Massa Massa Massa

  3. hamilton is surely d favourite to win….bt i vl luv to see d brazilian winning…..

  4. It seems everyone is supporting Ferrari!!!

  5. Yes, we have something in common

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