Sebastian Vettel – The future WDC contender?

After creating history this weekend at Monza as the yougest ever champion at 21 years Vettel is tipped to be future winner of Drivers championship. The media, commentrators and past drivers echoed the view and everywhere it a topic of debate among Formula 1 debate. Ferrari and McLaren fans equally saying that Vettel will be driving the cars of their teams, while BMW is linked to him for next season even though he has signed a deal with Red Bull Racing for next season.

German media already called him ‘baby Schumi’ and he is one of five German drivers in the gride (quarter of the grid). But with none of the other seeming to be Championship material much has been expected of Vettel. Gerhard Berger, Torro Rosso’s team boss, called him championship material for the future. Fernando Alonso was the first driver to congratulate him and hailed Vettel as a special driver.

Is this the driver Germany and Formula 1 fans have been waiting for? We’ll get to know the answers in the future .

What do you think about Sebastian Vettel? With which team will he win his first WDC?


  1. I thinks its too early to crown him as a Next Gen world champ. Al though its a big feat to win a race and even greater to be the youngest one to do so but this alone doesn’t entitle him to be called as next Schumi!!!!
    It was a well deserved win for vettel and Torro Rosso but it could very easily have been McClaren day if it would have rained a bit longer to support the extreme wets of Hamilton. He showed a pure class jumping to 2nd position from 15th just before taking his first pit stop. I think vettel still has to fight the likes of Hamilton and kubica in his red bull to be crowned as Champ.
    Fact Willi Weber, brought the Schumacher brothers into F1and he would like to manage the career of Vettel too. May be this would work for him. :))

  2. …but then, you never know. 🙂

  3. Rahul, i think its too early but just looking at his handling of the car in tough conditions at Monza I can definitely say that something special is in store for us. He went off the track only once – which was not at all severe. Also, Hamilton has one of the best cars in the circuit. As for Kubica, i think the lad deserves more cuz his car (BMW Sauber) is not fast and this guy made minimum no. of mistakes this season. Kubica is easily best driver of 2008!

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