Italian GP – Vettel emerges as Hero

Formula 1 embraced a new winner this evening at Italian GP as Sebastian Vettel became the youngest F1 winner along with the first victory for Toro Rosso team. The minnows from Italy couldn’t have asked for a better weekend as the conditions were apt for it to rise to the record books. Vettel had a perfect race, starting from P1 and comprehensively beat the rest of the grid. Heikki Kovaleinnen came second more than 12 secs behind Vettel; he was followed by Robert Kubica.

Race started behind Safety car and soon after the second lap the grid were fighting for the points. Bourdais, previously announced that he’s battling for F1 seat next season, couldn’t started worse with his engines failing to perform in the formation lap and was already a lap down when race started.

Raikonnen again failed to step up the plate and failed to secure even a point while Hamilton, who started a place behind him, had a marvelous race only to be undermined later by weather as he opted for extreme wets anticipating rain and had to take extra pit-stop to change the tyres to intermediates (Time has come for Ferrari to put all the effort behind Massa?). Meanwhile, Kubica was just executing his 1 stop strategy to perfection and finished third. Toyota due Glock and Trulli are ruing their extra stop now (same as Hamilton).

For Force India it was again a terrible weekend. Sutil a very good wet race driver couldn’t produce anything for the whole weekend while Fisichella put up a brave fight for few laps with Rai and Ham only to lose front nose of his car and go down to the gravel.

Top 4 driver points after the race:

Lewis Hamilton 78
Felipe Massa 77
Robert Kubica 64
Kimi Raikkonen 57

The European races for the season are all over. Now F1 circus heads to Singapore in 2 weeks time for first ever night race (Yes, its only 2 weeks away!!).  Only 4 races are left for 2008 season with Hamilton and Massa will go one on one for the title with only Kubica having an outside chance (Raikonnen fans lets get realistic!)

What do you think about the race?


  1. vettel was perfect…..
    and hamilton was again a treat to watch….only if he could have had intemediates in 1st pit-stop!!
    and i heard kimi is paid TWICE as much as massa….
    thats insane….!!!!

  2. Well Jagmeet as far as i have read Rai earns around 40m quids while Massa takes back measly 10 m quids (not sure whether Rai income includes the commercial deals; correct me if you know)

  3. haan haan.. acha hai.. acha hai …


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