Italian GP (Qualifying) – Vettel on Pole!

Sebastian Vettel becomes the youngest F1 driver to be on a pole for a GP with Kovaleinnen at second. Among those fighting for the title Massa is closest to the pole at sixth. Man! this Italian GP is giving us all this season. Such torrential rains can beat last year’s Fuji GP. Is the real fight between where it can downpour most? (Funny?)

Top five drivers’ times

1. Sebastian Vettel 1′37.555
2. Heikki Kovalainen 1′1′37.631
3. Mark Webber 1′38.117
4. Sebastien Bourdais 1′38.445
5. Nico Rosberg 1′38.767

Rest of the title contenders finished beyond 10th, so the rain is up for grabs fellas. Massa can really put the pressure on the other top 4 (Ham, Rai, Kub) as he will challenge Rosberg and Bourdais (BMW and Red bull respectively); as for the rest Kubica will be tested by his teammate Heidfeld (who has a point to prove in his team) with Raikonnen and Hamilton fighting with each other for the place behind experienced Coulthard.

As for Force India is concerned Fisichella is 12th behind Kubica and can take a soft moment from fighting teammates in front to score few points for the team. Sutil is last in the grid.

Tomorrow race might see a lot of twist and turns (might be more than Massa’s at Silverstone!) and will be really exciting. I want to see the statistics of the race after the weekend in terms of gear shifts and speed (as in the dry condition the low downforce produced 40 gear shifts on a lap)

Expecting great weekend fellas!

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