Kimi Raikonnen – A red till 2010

Ferrari have announced the extension of Kimi Raikkonen’s contract till 2010 ending all the speculation of his retirement. Raikkonen told media that retirement was never an option. It will certainly delight all the Ferrari and Kimi fans. The driver line-up of Ferrari is going to remain unchanged till 2010 with Massa recently extended his contract as well.

Recently terms like ice cool Kimi, Iceman for 2007 Formula 1 driver’s champion were the thing of the past  with a string of bad results (pitstop issues, poor qualifying pace, Hitting the boot of Sutil, Hit on the boot by Hamilton, etc.); also being proclaimed by a lot of fans and critics as lazy. He has gone 19 points behind Hamilton in the driver standings and currently sit 4th with 57 points (Massa second, Kubica third). With 5 races left for the season and Bridgestone bringing the set of tyres which Ferrari says are softer than they expected, things doesn’t look too bright for Kimi Raikkon in this season. But didn’t everyone counted him out last year at this stage?

Meanwhile Kimi celebrated his extension with the fastest timing in the second Friday practice at rain hit Monza (Can anybody tell me the last time it rained in Monza during race weekend?)

If Kimi can pull the championship this season he needs to put every step right (or steer right). Every Kimi fan want this to happen, but we have to wait for the season to finish and know the answer (would like to see another finish like last year!!)


  1. It is reported that Alonso, 27, has already signed an agreement, and that Ferrari will simply terminate Raikkonen’s newly-announced deal with a small buyout.

    The rumour also ties in with rising speculation that Alonso is set to stay at Renault for another season in 2009, rather than switch to BMW-Sauber or Honda and then need to move yet again to Ferrari in 2010.

    So who knows who is tied up with the Italian giants for their conquest at championship in the future???

  2. Yes, there are strong rumours that Alonso will be staying with Renault for next season. When last major rules changed in 2005 we saw Renault winning everything for 2 yrs, this time also there are majors changes in rules; lets hope to see Alonso in the best fitting car!

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