Italian GP – Expecting a wet race!

Witnessing a big downpour in Friday practice and weather forecast showing rain for next two days, Monza is all set to be a wet race! (bigmouth?) As Ferrari prefer dry and heated conditions, while Mclaren wet and cold this race can turn out be very close (also taking into account that this is one of the fastest circuits and Ferrari engines topping the speed traps)

Differences between a wet and dry car set up include the wet set up to have a softer suspension, higher ride length (to compensate for suspension), deeper front and rear wings, and brake balance usually shifted backward – all adjusted to give the car appropriate downforce.

Also, not much is allowed to change from qualifying and race car set up (for e.g. qualifying is wet and race is dry or vice versa). I am not sure what!

A wet race proves to be more exciting than a dry one – we have seen that at Monaco, Silverstone already. Hoping for a wet Monza.


  1. well rightly said…a wet race is more sxciting than a dry one…we get to see more crashes…at slow speed..more overtaking which are quite rare these days…n yeah most importantly force india has a outside chance of winning some points in case of wet race…like they have earlier in the season…when kimi crash into the suti from behind….

  2. No… to wet race… Ferrari doesn’t have advantage in that.

  3. Anubhav : You look like Ferrari Fanatic 🙂

  4. It look like the god is still angry on Ferrari and FIA over the spa grand prix thats why such heavy downpour!!! Still hoping that the ferrari will make something out of Monza!!

  5. To Rahul : Man torrential rains might give us a new winner in F1; the race is not only about Ferrari or McClaren!

  6. It may not be about Ferrari or McClaren in Monza but definitely for the overall driver and constructor championship, these are the two arch rivals in 2008. The only team nearby is BMW sauber which is 24 points behind ferrari in constructor championship and R. Kubica hold third place currently trailing by 18 and 16 point from hamilton and massa respectively. BMW doesn’t hold any great chances in Monza as well placed at 10th and 11th position in qualifying. With only four races left I don’t think F1 is expecting any miracle to happen so this is still pretty much between the two giants only.

  7. well said Rahul

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